Reviewing process

Peer Review

Upon manuscript submission, EJNS checks your paper appropriateness for our journal. Otherwise, the manuscript can be rejected without further reviewing. Please read carefully the areas that Journal covers.

The Editor sends your manuscript to one or two potential reviewers to evaluate the paper. Normally, the author’s names are removed for confidentiality and the authors do not know who the reviewer is. The reviewers expertize the novelty of the paper by writing their comments on manuscript received and indicate whether the manuscript can be published or not.

The reviewer feels free to reject the paper if the major problems are found. Note that after first rejection the authors may request a new reviewer only once. When the article returned by reviewers for major or minor revision, the author are asked to revise and reply on reviewer's comments. At the last stage, the editor makes decision to accept/reject manuscripts based on reviewer's final comments and author's replies and commentaries.

Note that we give the authors the option of preferred reviewers (as well as non-preferred) to save the time in looking for a new reviewers.

Normally, the time to complete the reviews is about 2-4 weeks.