Electronic Journal of Natural Sciences

National Academy of Sciences Republic of Armenia


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A Electronic Journal of National Academy of Sciences of RA will be launched in 2003, can be accessed at http://ejns.sci.am. It is addition to a variable library of scientific journals published by Division of Natural Sciences NAS RA.

Publication of the Journal has been approved by the Ministry of Justice of RA and all published articles will be indexed and may be cited.

The Journal will provide an ideal platform for all players to air their views and to share the findings of their research with the world research community.

Here are some of the areas the Journal will cover:

What kind of information products to expect in the Journal:


1. Extended articles should not exceed 6 single-spaced pages (use A4 format, Times 12pt font,margins: left - 3 cm, others - 2 cm). The summarizing article may have a volume up to 12 pages.The cover page must contain: a resume of about 150 words, 3-5 keywords, name and affiliation of author(S), author's e-mail, phone, fax and postal address.

2. Articles should be submitted as files in MS Word on FD or CD.

3. Two hard copies of the article must be presented, written in English.
/Presentation of Russian or Armenian version of the article are desirable./

4. The article consists from following parts; introduction, material and methods, results and discussion, conclusion. The abstracts must be presented in English.
/Presentation of Russian and Armenian version of the abstracts are desirable./
The abstracts are presented on separate pages.

5. Each figure must be given in a separate file of a bmp, tif, jpg types.

6. The references should be in the end of the paper on a separate page. The list of the literature must be given in alphabetical order. References to them (in numbers) in the text must be written in square brackets.

7. The papers submitted to other journals for publication, or published before are not admitted by the editorial house.

For more information contact ejns@sci.am